scantron81 (scantron81) wrote in 706noise,

Fake microphones


I totally got duped.

I was suspicious about my Shure microphones and I took them to a Shure dealer to look them over. Here is the damage:

$99 sm58- REAL
$50 SM57-FAKE
$140 Beta87- FAKE
$80 Beta58-FAKE
I have a Beta 57 ($70) coming and I have a feeling it's a fake too.

I'll never buy microphones from sellers or Ebay again. I'll have to pony up and start paying full price at the local store. Luckily, I should be able to get a full refund for 3 of the 4 fake-o's.

I've learned how to look out for fake Shure mics:

-cheap looking zip pouches/zippers
-included xlr-1/4" cord
-mic stand adapter may not say "manufactured by Shure in Mexico"
-inside of microphone tips are taped
-less wax insulation around transformers
-slightly misshapen windscreens
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