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Friday 10-17-2008 Flicker Show!

Hey everyone... Drew Danburry played at my birthday party in 2006 and at the Oxford Heat in 2007... and he's returning to Athens on Friday, October 17th! Let's give him a warm Athens welcome back! Drew's music is fun, catchy, and highly-engaging!

The show is at Flicker and will start at 9:30.

Favorite Cousin has asked to play first, and they will, then St. Rainbow from Seattle, then Drew, then new-local Hunter Smith will wow all of you, I promise!

The live music will be laid-back-yet-lively, and then the bamboozeled dance party will be lively-yet-well-mannered. Please come with $5 for Drew and St. Rainbow. A good time will be had by all, so please come and have a good time!

favorite cousin:

drew danburry:

hunter smith:

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